What is Weeaboo?



Visit Link » Ah, there’s nothing like slang to make you feel like a community. When like-minded individuals get together and use the same slang and terminology, there’s a feeling of unity, isn’t there? Well, that is unless you are categorized as a weeaboo!

What is a weeaboo, you may ask. Weeaboo is a less than endearing term for an individual who is more than a little obsessed with all things Japanese and anime. It was a term originally started on 4chan when another derogatory term “wapanese” or “wannabe Japanese” was censored from the forum. After, people started to refer to “wapanese” as “weeaboo” in place of the old terminology.

Weeaboos are not your ordinary otaku, guys. Weeaboos take their hobby to the next level! Yes, the term “weeaboo” is not a very endearing one, but not everyone can be a weeaboo. There are certain character traits that apply to those who bear the title. Let us see if you have the qualities of a weeaboo!

✪ Anime Obsessed

I know, I know. You don’t have to tell me twice that otaku can love anime, too, but let’s say weeaboos love anime to a different extent. Weeaboos make anime their life. It’s what they talk about. It’s what they do. It’s what they live! It’s a whole new level of obsession.

While in Japan, not many people walk around on the subways in cosplay out of consideration for others. Weeaboos will walk around in full cosplay for fun regardless of time or place. I’ve seen many a weeaboo go to a mainly Japanese communities dressed in full cosplay for no reason other than to walk around or hang out. I’ve also seen weeaboos who dress up in cosplay for events like sakura viewing.
That’s not to say that all cosplayers are weeaboos. There’s merely a time and place for these types of things.

Weeaboos also take all of their knowledge from anime and attempt to explain Japanese society through anime. While anime is a product of Japan with some inclusion of Japanese culture, like dramas and movies, anime is not an accurate depiction of everyday life in Japan. Unfortunately, weeaboos don’t always take the time to research information and will just utilize anime as their only point of reference in regards to Japanese culture. This leads to many incorrect assumptions about Japanese culture as well as misconceptions about what Japanese culture is like.

Unfortunately, weeaboos are mainly governed by what they know from anime. It’s all they know and it is all they care to know, which can be quite limiting in terms of knowledge and understanding.
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